Rotating the Camera to an Object Smoothly

Please watch this video: [- YouTube][1]

I want that flower to be in the center of my camera. Please help ;(

Here’s the blueprint:

I didn’t use X and Y since I don’t need it. (I can only rotate my camera right and left, can’t rotate up and down.)

I tried dot product, get direction vector, and it didn’t work.

Hi man , here an example,
use the node “Find look at” this will give you the rotation you should have , from a point , to look at another point.
But you cant set it directly , otherwise you istantly turn to that rotation .
So, use the lerpR. This node will use the alpha (0.1) to transform the first rotation in the second.
Note that i used the true location of the player. and then i make a special location for the flower.
Using the X, Y of the flower and adding the Z of the player.
In case your actor are not at the same high in the level, your player will only turn on Z this way.

Thank you for answering :smiley:
I’ll try it later, cause I’m on vacation now
Thank you again!

[- YouTube][1]

We’re so close!

The only problem is, the camera returns to the start point at the end…

Here’s the blueprint(I added a timeline since it didn’t work without timeline):