Rotating texture over time.

Like this:


Hello everyone.

I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to answer not only my question but all the threads here. You helped me a lot in the past and I now have the opportunity to thank you all. THANK YOU!

So I’ve been working on this scene where I have a texture being projected on a wall ( by a spotlight. well actually 3 for R, G, and B. ) but the problem is I want to rotate this texture over time. Is this possible?

I know I can use the time node to do this kind of stuff but I believe the CustomRotator node needs a 0-1 value. this is where I need help.

This is strange. Mine doesn’t work like this. It doesn’t show the result when I connect Time to Rotation Angle.
My mistake, I didn’t save the material and see if it’s what I want. I just came straight here when I couldn’t see the preview in the preview window.
Thank you for your answer.

In texture properties (double click on texture) set wrapping method to clamp. You can also do that in the material properties.