Rotating texture over time.

Like this:


Hello everyone.

I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to answer not only my question but all the threads here. You helped me a lot in the past and I now have the opportunity to thank you all. THANK YOU!

So I’ve been working on this scene where I have a texture being projected on a wall ( by a spotlight. well actually 3 for R, G, and B. ) but the problem is I want to rotate this texture over time. Is this possible?

I know I can use the time node to do this kind of stuff but I believe the CustomRotator node needs a 0-1 value. this is where I need help.

This is strange. Mine doesn’t work like this. It doesn’t show the result when I connect Time to Rotation Angle.
My mistake, I didn’t save the material and see if it’s what I want. I just came straight here when I couldn’t see the preview in the preview window.
Thank you for your answer.