Rotating Statues Puzzle

I want to make a little puzzle in my First Person game. There will be two statues and by interacting with each of them, they will turn 90 degrees in Z vector (in only one direction for example to the right). And when the two statues will look at each other, a gate will open. I can make them turn as interacted but don’t know how to make the game know when they are both facing the right directions. If seems like more than a simple boolean script, so can anyone give me some clues about what kind of nodes I should use?
Thanks in advance.

There are more ways how to do this.
Ih have atm 2 in mind, but more dynamical:
If statues are on same z height, add arrow component to statue… somewhere in middle of body but direction in same as statue is facing…
Add collision box to statues…
Create function with timer for example every 0,2s in loop (you can use tick but function for performance reasons)
In function or event, use line trace by channel node, start use as yout arrow component location, as end of trace, get world rotation of arrow component and drag from it get forward vector. Multiply this vector by 10 000 for example (or how much you need, trace dont need to travel through whole map. Use this multiplied forward vector as end of trace.
From hit results, drag wire from hit actor, cast to statue - if you hit statue and cast is successful, you are facing from one statue to another, make variable from this behavior like “statue is on correct rotation”, bool.
In gate, get ref to statues somehow, for each loop, get booleans, if all are true - gate can be opened.

Thanks a lot for the ideas. I don’t know if I did what you exactly described but with the idea of collision, adding invisible and colliding actors to the statue blueprints I have managed to make it work with something like this.