Rotating Particle System with Camera

I’m working on creating a particle system on demand using a Blueprint. I want the particle system aimed at the forward vector of where my first person camera is looking. I’ve tried to get various rotations, but so far, it only tracks my vertical movement only(Up/Down). Turning in either direction will not change the rotation. Here’s my blueprint:

The part I’m interested in here is the rotation. The emitter location moves file along X/Y when I move around, but it will always be pointed forward in the original forward direction no matter where I turn. I tried pulling the yaw out of forward vector, out of control rotartion, world location, etc. They all produce the same result - track fine in pitch(Up/Down) but no effect for the Yaw.

Another variation:

I’m initially plugging them into Spawn Emitter at Location, and then updating them with SetWorldLocationAndRotation on input changes(reusing the initial spawns). The inputs are taken directly from the first person shooter example, but here is what I have for that:

There are also a couple of other things I played with, but none give any Yaw changes. I’ve been at it for a couple of days now, and even though I’ve gotten more familiar with the coordinate system and directions, this has completely stymied me. Any advice appreciated!

The problem is not with your code, it’s with your particle effect. Your particle effect in its settings has option to how it’s oriented, and to change that using your code, you must change the orientation settings of your particles to be dependent on the world space. My knowledge of particle system is quite limited, therefor I am unable to tell you to fix it exactly, but I hope at least it gives you an idea on what to fix.

I tried toggling “Use Local Space” but that doesn’t do anything :confused:

there is also a setting for orientation somewhere, I think