Rotating one Object around another One

Hey guys!

I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine and i’m trying to rotate one Object around another One on the Z-Axis.
My first attempt was to attach the object, which should rotate around the other, to the other object in a blueprint.
Only if i rotate the one in the middle the other one in the outer rotates too.

How can i achieve that the middle one doesnt need to be rotated and only the outer object rotates around the one in the middle?

  • Add a springarm and attach the object to its business end; then rotate the springarm.
  • Calculate a point on the circumference of a circle. Math.
  • Create a closed circular spline and position the object at spline length.

All 3 will work, depends on what you are trying to achieve and what kind of flexibility you’re looking for.

Here I am strolling through the forums and I find you here helping another soul. You’re a stand up guy Everynone!

I add to the confusion in half of my cases, so there’s that!