Rotating my pawn in code is causing the camera to jitter.

I have a pawn that is strafing using root motion. I want to slowly rotate him to face his movement direction, and I have tried to trick CharacterMovementComponent into thinking I am moving, with the OrientRotationToMovement set, but this doesn’t seem to work. So, I tried to rotate the character manually using AddActorLocalRotation, which works, but this is causing my camera to jitter. I realize that a better solution may be to add in the rotation as a root motion blend which may get me the benefit of leans. But in the meantime, any ideas to fix the camera jittering?

I was able to fix this by moving where the rotation of the character occurs. When I moved it to occur in a notify state from the animation, then the camera jitter went away. I assume this is simply due to where it occurs in the frame.

I got the same issue when I did the Set Rotation in the Anim Notify State. The camera still jitters, which part do you think it’s going wrong?