Rotating Movement no longer works on vehicles

Rotating Movement not longer works on vehicles. It worked in 4.12. Not sure about 4.13. It Definitely does not work in 4.14.

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Could you please expand on what you mean, with some examples if possible.

Thank you for that information. It seems like this is intended and isn’t a bug. As mentioned in the warnings when you try to activate a Rotating Movement Component on a vehicle, it’s not meant to do so on something that is fully simulating physics. To get this to work correctly, it would be best to stop the vehicle’s mesh from simulating physics, activate the rotating movement component, deactivate it, and then begin simulating physics again.

Also, just to give you the information, it seems this change was made in 4.13.

The Rotating Movement Component in blueprints does not work on vehicles anymore. In 4.12 I was using it to rotate my vehicle around when I would get hit by an object. I would leave it deactivated then when I got hit I would activate to rotate my vehicle around and then deactivate it to stop it. When you add a Rotating Movement Component to a vehicle it does not work at all. It no longer rotates at all. Worked perfect in 4.12. I am not sure how else I can explain it. I have tried using a timeline to rotate the vehicle around and it is not producing as good of an effect.

That will not work. The vehicle needs to go in the air and rotate around when it gets hit. With this method the vehicle will not go in the air because stopping it from simulating physics will stop it from going in the air. I’ve spent hours trying to fix things that worked perfect in 4.12 to work in 4.14.

If you’re looking to have the vehicle go into the air and spin, this would be best done with an animation rather than trying to mix physics and fixed movement. This would cause less unpredictability as well due to how physics can work sometimes. You could also disable the collision for that period so you never even have to move the actual asset during this animation.

I’m also wondering; What do you mean by the Timeline not producing as good of an effect? It should function just about the same as the Rotating Movement Component, with even more versatility in most cases.

I will just work with the timeline again and see if I can get a better result there. Thank you for the help.