Rotating Material billboards dynamically

I want to dynamically rotate a material billboard, technically you can rotate billboard but it does not rotate the material inside so overall it looks like nothing happened. I have all the math done for what the rotation needs to be, but how do you rotate a material outside of the actual material blueprint?

Here’s a tutorial how to make material Dynamic:

That’s just changing colours, I’m trying to dynamically change the rotation. I understand dynamic materials but its rotation that I want.

Ok now I see it, I also using a Flipbook material to animate it. I can only use TextureObjects to make it work (from what I know). Texturesamples have the UV parameter but won’t work with flip books. Any ideas?

Here is how it looks so far, like I said above you used SpriteTexture which doesn’t work with flipbook.The texture object is the one I want to rotate.

It’s the same. Add an UV rotator, add an variable input.

Then in Blueprint add an animation timeline and plug value to your variable.

Simple Rotator

Unfortunately this method has it’s drawback (can draw parts of neighbor images).

Thanks alot!