rotating lots of meshes together

Hi there,
I’ve built a house in Unreal, and have just bought some dynamic skies, but have realised that the house I built is facing the wrong way for the sun etc etc, how to I select everything I have built and rotate it please? I’m quite a newbie so please make it easy and sorry if this is a stopped question ! thank you !!!

Hi Charlie, Welcome to the Forums.

Here’s the UE Documentation page about making selections:

You could also try selecting everything (CTRL+A) and then deselect the few things you dont want to rotate. (Ctrl + Click on objects in world outliner to deselect)

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Hi @CharlieChap19801

@Astrotronic was spot on, maybe consider grouping objects that form a larger so you can select them easier in future.

This can be done from the Outliner right hand side, select the objects you want to group then either right click one of the selections and left click Group, or ctrl-G


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