Rotating Doors / Night Scene

Question - To open and close a door

I find a lot of tutorials on this on Youtube. Most people are using a Matinee event and a trigger box. Do you think its better to use a BP then this method (if you start off creating a BP for your door actor you could just continue to copy that and paste it into your level whenever a door is needed - I’m not sure if that can be done with a matinee - can it?)

I"m attempting to rotate my door (using the matinee method) and its rotating from its center. How do I move the pivot point to the edge/corner of the door?

Instead of using the matinee method, can someone tell me how to use the existing “door animation” to create a blueprint that triggers the animation so the door will open when i enter the trigger box (ideally, I’d like to add an interact button)…

I tried by creating an animation blueprint with the door as the actor. Then adding event collision trigger box, then cast to first person character, then tried to get it to execute the animation but I"m missing something.

many of the tutorials I"ve seen people are creating their own animations by rotating the door either via a matinee or otherwise but I have an existing one so I figure i should use it.

  • What’s the ideal way to create a night/evening scene? I’ve got a Directional light, atmospheric fog, and sky sphere.

when I rotate the atmospheric fog I can get close to an evening/night scene but i can’t find the cloud movement box… so it looks very bland and “lifeless”…I’d like it to be night w stars etc.

I’ve seen demo maps where ppl put the directional light in the ground and use fog emitters on different parts of the maps… gonna try this when i get home from work.

Any help would be appreciated. Chris