Rotating Cylinder (Physics)

Hello there,

I’ve been playing around with the Blueprint Visual Scripting for quite awhile now, but could not find the solution to my problem.

To explain the thing I want to achieve (Using Physics), here is a list;

  1. The Object (In this case, a Cylinder), has a maximum speed of 3 Degrees per second.
  2. When key Q is pressed, the Cylinder starts to accelerate slowly (Increase speed), up to a maximum of 3 Dergees per second.
  3. When key A is pressed, the Cylinder starts to decrease in speed, back to 0 Degrees per second.

Due to the physics being involved into this game, I try to get this done by using Force and such.

I hope someone is willing to help me with this (Atleast sounds like) easy thing.

Kind regards!

Video Example of the Platform (Cylinder) I want to achieve. (This is done in Unity3D, so fairly different)

I don’t think you need to use physics for the rotating base. You can just update the rotation each tick, something like this:

Thanks James, that did work!

To make the cars move freely, I need to attach them to the crosses, but from what I red elsewhere, this is not supported as of yet? (Couldn’t get it to work myself so far, as soon as I enable Physics, it detach)


You will need to use a ‘constraint component’ to create a joint between the animated base and the physics cars.