Rotating constraints in a Physics Asset having no Affect

Hey everyone,

I’ve been trying to make a good physics asset for our NPC’s, since they are different shape the default mannequin one was no good. I’ve got all the capsules setup the way I want, and reasonable angles for all the constraints set, however, attempting to rotate the constraints such that they are applied realistically doesn’t appear to be working.

You can see in this screenshot I have rotated the right knee differently to the left knee, but they are still applied as if they had no rotation.

I’m using UE4.21, I’ve done this before in previous versions and it worked fine, I’m mostly wondering if the process has changed or have I stumbled upon a bug?

This bug is known for at least 2 years and Unreal don’t care :mad:, here are couple of posts and bug reports which never got answered. Do you found any solution?

Hold ALT.
and it’s intended behaviour, not a bug.

Thank you very much!