Rotating Camera with Mouse Input only Occurs once in an input

Hello all, I was trying to make my camera rotate based on mouse input and got majority of the way done and I realized that when testing it, I could only rotate a small degree every time I tried to rotate, and it was as if it snapped over a certain amount of digits instead of a smooth pan like I was hoping. I am trying to mimic the control scheme in MMO’s and this is the last thing I need to fix. Get ready for the picture dump…!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the UP/DOWN doesn’t work at all.

Depending on your Character Blueprint and your Controller blueprint, you might need to change the controller’s Control Rotation rather than the Pawn Rotation.

I thought the same but any other target just gives an error.

No I mean use the Add Control Rotation node, not the Add Pitch Input node. The former takes a controller as target I think.