Rotating camera...I cant remember how to do this.

Long time ago…on my project I had removed the spring arm and set it to a static camera boom.
set up the controls for a twin stick shooter.
And now I am working on Instead making it have a lock on/action button.

But i cant recall how to get the effect I want…
This was the control with a static camera:

There is a component on event tick that sets the actor rotation to face anything you are locked onto.

And i’m trying to get a control rotation that is “UP” for forward, “down” for backward. When you slide Left/right the character will turn, and the camera will do it’s best to stay behind him.
When Locked on pushing Left/RIght would make you strafe in a circle around the target.

I think i’m just stuck thinking in the other control system right now…

Alright Let me think this out and then if someone will help complete the issue.

  1. I need the character’s world rotation. If the controller is pointed in same direction it is add movement input.
    If it is the exact opposite it is a negative input. so you walk backward.

I keep doing things that make the input walk you in that direction in world space…ugh. And that is largely where I am Stuck…How to update “forward” based on the mesh/camera?

  1. I need the y axis to turn your facing…But also strafe. Mentally i thing that having it move you left at that angle with camera updating means this automatically happens.

So ultimately I need to set the actors rotation to the joystick and have it input a forward movement. IN RELATION to the character not world axis.
I think this will allow you to back up while locked on too. But when not the character will do a button hook turn on the spot.

Very mario 64 ish?

I feel like it’s right there in my head but is stuck…