Rotating Camera around Empty Actor

Hai Hai,

been digging into UE, and I am trying to learn how to rotate a camera around a null (empty actor). I’ve set up my matinee key frames so the empty actor rotates from 0-360 in my timeline, but nothing happens when active. My camera is a child of the actor, and I’m using an “new empty group” in my matinee. My guess is that the camera is not linking to the null…

:smiley: woot woot basic knowledge needed!

Hey, If your new to Unreal, I would highly recommend jumping to Sequencer and not using Matinee. Sequencer is the success and Matinee will likely be removed in a release or two.

As for your camera. Add a empty actor or target point or anything really that exists as an actor. Add a camera and add it as a child of your actor. Now offset your camera from its parent, in X and Z as needed. Rotate as needed too. Now in sequencer, add your actor, and just rotate that in Z. The parent-child relation will cause your camera to rotate as you wanted.

Ah, thank you for pointing this out! I figured the legacy program was something I wanted to avoid, but most of the tutorials I’ve been following use it. Thank you for the info!

No problem. Tutorials on sequencer are a bit slow as its new, matinee has been around since before UE4 so there’s so many good tutorials for it. Generally though, things you learn can be easily applied to sequencer, so it would be best to if you can, as Im pretty sure matinee will be depreciated and eventually removed, and sequencer is just a much nicer place to work.

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