Rotating Bones along LRA?

Hey guys i’ve had no luck on the answers page but basically im trying to rotate bones along their LRA’s, Bonespace does not seem to be the solution.


I’m attempting to make the bones rotatable by a variable but rotate along their LRA,

thanks guys.

I’ve wondered this as well. I was trying to recreate a blueprint only animation system similar to the way wolfire game’s overgrowth works… but i couldn’t figure this part out.

I’ve tried many methods. Unfortunately the documentation is no help. even additive anims dont cooperate the way i want.

Does anyone have any ideas? seems like everyone is ignoring this. I’m at a complete impasse.

Hey mate, I managed to get additive anims working ok. I didnt do anything live in ue4 tho. I made some facial animation and planted it additively on the face skeleton in ue4.
I did set the anim clips for my facial animation tho. I set the additive anim type : local space
This is the anim graph view.

Edit: my I as what exactly you are trying to achieve with this? Maybe we can help get a solution to the specific behavior you are looking for.

Edit2: just tested it myself and it works perfectly fine for me… I think I know what you are missing… you are missing an input pose, at least by the looks of your graph

i can get additive to work sort of. Even when i refrence the local pose (not mesh pose), and apply additive, the bone still only seems to rotate in mesh space, basically i need to get the elbow to rotate along its LRA only.
same principals apply for when i am trying to get the pelvis to rotate along its LRA. it does not even when i am referencing the local space pose.

Rotation does not occur along its proper poles. Arm should be sticking straight in front of the Character.


Seriously? no one. this is really holding up the release, i’m completely baffled by this.