Rotating animations in UMG

Using the UMG, I have a button concept of 2 rotating circles around the main button( One counter clockwise, the other clockwise, at the same time). How do I achieve this? I don’t see any way to rotate it while using the animation portion at the bottom. Do I need to make it animated in unreal somewhere else? Maybe in after affects and import it in? Any ideas?


You should be able to achieve this by keying the Transform of the button (or container where the button is placed).

IMO. UMG animation pipeline usability should be improved

If i’ve understood correctly and you want something like this:

  1. Then set the pivot of each circle to the center of your button.
  2. Rotate each circle, for example 360 and -360 degrees in desired amount of time.
  3. If you want your animation to loop, here is how to do it: (Epic should add some “Loop” checkbox to UMG, but i don’t see anything like that yet)

PS. So pivot values probably would be something like x=2, y=2 or greater values. Unfortunately, UMG doesn’t visualise pivot point… (… And doesn’t even support custom cursor… And… Yeah, UMG should be improved :slight_smile: )

Hello a548922,

I have a fairly easy way to accomplish this task. I have attached a picture to help explain how to find the center of the widget that you would like to have your buttons rotate around. After this you will need to set up your animation and have it loop. I did this by making a 3 second animation and then I made it loop back around with a 3 second delay. I hope this example helps.

Orbit button in this example is the name of my animation and testing is the name of my Widget blueprint.

Thank you. I will Give this a try. Ill let you know how it turns out.

Close, I need then to rotate one on top of the other. Imagine both circles in the middle, and then rotate them on the pivot.

Learn about the Set Render Angle, in widget image details. Every image has a render angle from -180 to 180 degrees. Decide on your angle from 0 to 360 and substract 180, to set your angle.