Rotating and collisions

Hi there. FOr a while I have noticed certain artifacts with actors and pawns ignoring collisions when rotating. Now I have a proven example that looks like collision has been turned off when rotating. If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated,


@AceHigh The collision is for when actors meet / start to intersect. It may / may not fire if they are already overlapping and one is rotating…

Sorry to double-zombie-bump this as well, but its a good question that never gets practical answers on the forums. Using physics generally is safer for reliable collision. However, its often heavier on gameplay, plus there’s multiplayer considerations too. However, a big problem with UE4, is that the Sweep mode tickbox (on SetWorldRotation for custom Pawn vehicles for example), is not reliable.

But hey, what can you do as Blueprints are a Black-Box. A Vehicle with physics-simulation ticked changes nothing (to be expected). However, AddActorWorldOffset with Sweep is solid. So why are rotation sweeps such a nightmare? Nothing is already overlapping btw. Its just that whatever way the rotation sweep works - it doesn’t work reliably a lot of the time. Its impossible to debug, in Blueprints anyway…