Rotating an object in sequencer does also unwanted move it

Testing sequencer in archviz in a bathroom, starting with the seat in down position I want to rotate in the sequence up to flat. Setting keyframes in the moment I set the rotation to 0 the object does move to a completely different position without I change any other parameter.
The object it’s an imported fbx from Rhino.

Also after using CTRL+Z to return to original status the editor does crash.

Didn’t know if might be some Sequencer bug or a problem with my object. Below the standard situation with the seat down, or maybe I need to use a different track type.

Digging more on the topic I discovered the behavior is due to the fact when I rotate the object on one axis for some reason UE4 also change two axis position, these the data
0° xyz

-80° xyz

Trying to animate also the position itself so that the beginning and end match the correct position does produce this result.
Considering the imported model does have the wrong origin I did manually realing the origin and defined a Pivot Offset, just quesioning if this can be a reason or something else.
Also in the video some strange angulated bar is show in the upper left, no idea if this also show that the rotation is in some way connected to some other property.

Resolved after many tests in trasforming the object in obj format and importing in that way.
Not 100% sure that was really the solution since I was bouncing btw different format, programs and UE4 releases to check.

It will make your life a lot easier if you move any object that should rotate in your modeling app so that the pivot point sits on 0,0,0 before you export it for unreal.

Effectively I remember now I make also in some cases a passage on C4D and did reset to 0 the origin…
I need to try again to really understand the correct workflow and tell the designer what to do in exporting. I’m not the object designer and my work it’s not on the office PC so I can’t immediately test the exported file.

I’m having this problem as well. I’m trying to animate a switch that is part of a bigger aircraft model. I moved the Pivot Offset to where I want the model to rotate from and that works fine in the viewport. There I am able to rotate the switch perfectly. But when I try to rotate it using a Sequence it pivots around the original pivot that is probably the 0.0.0 of the whole model. How can I get the Sequencer to use the same Pivot Offset that the viewport does?

As @S-Dot wrote probably you need to set the pivot at 0 before exporting the model.