Rotating an actor locks up on pitch

Hi, i have setup a rock mesh(actor) to spin in place using delta time; it spins fine if i rotate it in the yaw or roll axis, but trying to spin it on the pitch axis locks up when it gets to around 90degrees. This shouldn’t be a gimble lock issue as i am not spinning the other axis at the same time, they are set to 0.

I’ve noticed this same exact problem–I created a blueprint from actor with one staticmesh component and one cylinder component, and when I attempt to rotate the whole actor (not a component), it locks up on pitch at 90 degrees. Like the OP, I’m not rotating any other axis…it just seems to rubber band as if it has a constraint/ clamp set on pitch to 90 degrees.

Ah, it looks like the same issue as the one describe here, and has been at least put on Epic’s radar:

Hey jldevoy,

As blankslatejoe said, this is similar to the issue mentioned in How can I create a day/night cycle in a small world? - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums and we don’t have an ETA for a fix at the moment. Keep an eye on future release notes as we’ll definitely point out when this issue is resolved.



If you possess a Pawn and try to rotate it in any direction, you’ll be limited to 90% in any direction. It’s a bug acknowledged by Unreal developers.

However, if you do the rotation in your custom PlayerController blueprint, you can freely rotate 360 degrees without limit. The rotation values (roll, yaw, pitch) can even exceed 360 degrees and it’ll work perfectly. So rotate the actor from within your PlayerController blueprint instead of your individual Pawn blueprint.

Almost 1 year after, is there still no ETA?

Still broken in 4.10.2