Rotating an Actor based on gamepad thumbstick


I’m new to UE4 and am working on a concept where I’d like to rotate an Actor based on the gamepad right thumbstick. I have an Actor where I’d like to rotate it on the Y Axis based on the right thumbstick. I’ve attached a screen shot of the blueprint in this post. I’m trying to understand how rotation works and how I would go about rotating an object based on the gamepad.


Alright, I made some progress : )

I know have it working. The only thing is to make to rotation not jump back to zero when I let go of the joystick. 's the updated blueprint.


Hi . Sorry to revive an old thread!

I was wondering how you solved the final issue of rotation jumping backing to zero?


Michael Wentworth-Bell

Probably one of these in place of ‘Set Relative Rotation’.

However, that would only ever be an additive effect, and wouldn’t base the actor rotation directly from the position of the joystick. The other way would be to make sure that X and Y were both not 0. Using a branch node would also solve the issue, resulting in the actor resting at the last valid input.

Hi ,

Thankyou for the chiming in with such a quick reply, much appreciated!

I will give this a go over the weekend and report back!
This thread was the top result in Google after searching “Unreal Engine thumbstick rotate object”.
So it’s great to have a solution in the thread.

Hi all, how did you go with this? I’m somewhat new to this all so a screenshot would be awesome. How did this all pan out? How can I get the thumbstick to rotate the view?

You are welcome!