Rotating actor towards camera line trace hit location

I’ve been attempting to find a way to rotate my character to face towards the hit location of a line trace from the camera. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten very far. I want to do this so there’s a rough gauge for where my character’s weapon is aiming, so I can also add a basic crosshair.

Trying to do this myself with blueprints hasn’t really given me any luck, and trying to find help via Google hasn’t turned up and results.

I can provide a quick screenshot of my character blueprint if anyone needs it, but so far I’m essentially using the ThirdPerson template with the camera shifted to work over the shoulder (with an input that flips the offset onto either side of the character). I also have AimOffset correctly configured, but the camera’s angle means that the aim is never precisely true.

Thanks for reading, and a thanks in advance for any help you might provide!


Check this out and let me know if this doesnt help you:

link text


Gave it a try, got this as a result:

Oh, also, it didn’t quite work, but I might not be interpreting it correctly, as the character flips back and forth between the hit location of the line trace, and its typical orientation.

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