Rotating actor does not rotate child components?

I’ve got a lil spaceship blueprint that looks like this, and a pretty simple Roll function here.

Here’s the problem: It doesn’t work. The StaticMesh and attached Camera don’t rotate…

Except! It secretly is working on some level because after holding “roll” for a moment, my side-to-side strafe control moves me diagonally instead of sideways!

So something about this actor is rotating as I’d expect, but it’s somehow leaving the mesh and camera behind?

Does anyone know what the heck is going on with this?

The StaticMesh and attached Camera
don’t rotate…

Select the offending elements in the hierarchy and check what transform they’re set to:

How does it look on your end?

Should be relative. Check the forums thread. ClockworkOcean has some ideas for you. Same thing was posted there but under another user name.

They’re all set to “Relative”, and the mobility is set to “Moveable” same as what you’ve got.

Is that what it should be?