Rotating a TextRender Component Towards the Camera on Only 2 Axis

I’m using the VR template with the motion controller map. I have implemented a TextRender component that displays when an item is picked up and disappears when the item is dropped. That works fine, although the text appears backwards if you turn the item around. Here’s some images of that.

So I’m trying to rotate the TextRender component so that it’s always facing the player’s camera. However that sometimes causes the text to clip through the object depending on how its held. This is what it looks like.

So what I’d like to do is have the TextRender Component only rotate on 2 of the axis so that it stays perpendicular to the key. I’ve tried used Break Rotator/MakeRotator nodes, but I’ve tried every combination of axis and none of them will keep the TextRender component perpendicular to the key. Is there something else I should be using instead? Here is my rotation setup in blueprints.