Rotating a skeleton after import?

Is it possible to rotate a skeleton after importing from Blender? I just can’t get my skeletal mesh pointing the right way. If I could just rotate it in the editor after the fact, it would be fine.

Currently the skeleton viewer allows you to rotate joints but the rotation isn’t saved so when you close it the rotation is reset.



I don’t know whether you could setup it through modifying your Character Blueprint, but you may want to slightly modify your pipeline for production purposes to not have this offset in engine. Just try to set this offset to the root bone of your skeletal mesh before skinning it.

Hope that helps!

I agree it would be ideal to fix the pipeline. I tried rotating the root bone while everything else faces the correct way but it doesn’t work.

The only way I managed to make it appear the right way around in the engine is if I rotate the whole thing the wrong way around in blender but that’s not ideal because then the camera shortcuts are reversed.

Even if the skeleton is facing the wrong way the animations seem to work fine. They play in the correct orientation.

Also when it comes to animation retargeting the retarget manager allows you to rotate the skeleton to face the correct way so that kinda solve that issue. It’s not ideal but it does get around the orientation issue.

Until this gets fixed in Blender, I’ll have to make do with it I think because after days of searching I couldn’t find any solution.

Are there any situations where the skeleton facing the wrong way round would be a problem?

It may cause problems if you need some kind of IK controls such as Aim Offset or Limbs etc. but there’s a possible workarounds too. I’m not sure about the way retargeting does this, but it seems that this is what it intended to be in UE4. For example UE3 had Rot Origin offset option in Skel mesh editor.

How did you rotate the animation by re-targeting? I have an imported skeleton/mesh that works fine, but imported animations are backwards.

Can you reimport the file from the fbx? If so, you can use the controls in FBX Import Options under Transform to rotate the incoming skeletal mesh. If the problem is facing while the mesh is standing on the x-y plane, you are normally talking about ‘Yaw’.