Rotating a single skeletal mesh bone from an Axis input.

I have a skeletal mesh with a bone I want to rotate in conjunction with an input axis
I want the bone to rotate to a maximum of 90 degrees when the craft reaches full forward speed and -30 degrees when it is reversing backwards.
I have copied the setup in the animation BP from below and added a clamp (maximum 90) (minimum -30) and it seems to work.
But I have no idea how to hook this up to an input axis from a Gamepad.

Is this the right method or is there a better way I can do this directly in the Player pawn BP

In the AnimBP, you can use the Transform(Modify)Bone node.

Thanks but this is what I have already done, I believe its all ready to go but I just don’t know how to hook it up to to my main PLAYER Pawn BP where I can call the axis input.
I have tried to set this up also directly in in my player BP without luck

You would need to cast to the MainPlayer blueprint, and then you can call GetRight or GetForward and use that as your input axis value.

This is what I have been trying to pull off. but its just not working :frowning: