Rotating a Physics Constraint and Cable

I’m going to make this easy to understand. I am working on a project where the player has the ability to cast a tether. The tether uses a physics constraint and a cable. I really need to be able to tether to an object, such as an enemy, and be able to rotate it, the constraint, and the cable. This should work basically like a real life tether ball or like the Moon revolving around the Earth. I will provide a simple diagram as well. I am using Blueprints for this. Thanks!

I’m sorry you never got a response to this. It’s unfortunate how many posts seem to get no attention despite being quite deserving of it. I am currently sorting through the mechanics of add physics constraint as well and maybe you’re still looking for info on this, so I’ll share what I’ve figured out. Worth noting that I’m in 4.22, I don’t remember if previous versions had the same level of control over this function.

Add physics constraint component node creates a component in your actor that grabs two positions in world space and then constrains or limits their ability to move relative to each-other. In 4.22 there is a place to add rotation along any axis of your physics constraint, but whether it is relative to component 1 or 2, I’m not sure. To add rotation using this mechanic, drag your object pin off from your add physics constraint node and type something like “add rotation”, or just type in “rotation” and look for “add” along whichever axis you need, in this case, if you want the player to swing the target sideways around themselves, this would be the z, or yaw axis.

However, and this relates to the problem I’m facing with this node, it seems that the constraint wants to act as a sort of rigid bar between yourself and the target - the bar can spin along it’s long axis, but objects fixed on either end can not rotate towards each other. Maybe not relevant to your project, but certainly a stick in my gears right now.

just add a position constraint in a range instead of fixed