Rotating a head bone using the wheel rotation on a vehicle

What I am trying to do is take the input action set from the vehicle template for turning Right to also control the head bone in my character to sort of lead the turn or look in the direction of the turn and then come back to center.

I’m sure i’m overthinking the process, but some how lerping or blending animations when the input is down to turn. I’m not really sure. I need some guidance on this. Here is my character if that helps.

I cant get into too much detail right now but here are some pointers:

  • Get the wheel rotation from the Vehicle Movement Component of your vehicle BP.
  • Use that rotation variable to update the rotation of the head bone with a Transform(Modify) Bone node in the anim graph of the anim BP of your character.

I’m having an issue when trying to get the rotation from the vehicle movement component where it wont let me set it as the target to get steering angle.

You’ll need to get the wheels out of vehicle movement first, like this:

Making progress, but still zero movement from the head bone. I don’t have a physics body set on the head bone, is that necessary?

You could also just set the steering angle like this:

But this will only give you the input rotation (0 to 1 or 0 to -1) so you would need to use a MapRange float node to remap it to degrees.

's way is better though. :slight_smile: