Rotating a character to face in a certain direction?

Hello again!

Recently I’ve been trying to make a death animation for my player character that’s reminiscent of the various 2D Super Mario games, as well as other similar games like Sonic or Kirby.


While I’ve been able to work out a number of the various parts of the animation, one part I’m having trouble with is rotating the character to face the camera, like in the example above, regardless of which direction the player was facing before dying.

Does anyone know how can be accomplished?

Thanks in advance!

Is the timeline necessary? I know said “rotate” the character in the title and my initial post, but I think I would prefer it if the player would instead snap in the right direction rather than rotate. I apologize for be misleading.

Is your game also a 2D sidescroller? If so, you could use a timeline to rotate it to the camera as it will always be the same required rotation.

Okay, depending on your game I can see how a snap makes more sense than having the character be interpolated. In that case just delete everything from the screenshot above except the “Set World Rotation” Node and you are done.

Thanks a lot! That worked perfectly!