Rotated Character Always Falling

Trying to work on different gravitational directions for a character. I am currently prototyping in Blueprints, but I will eventually move it to C++.

I’ve rotated a character around the X axis ( Roll ), along with the camera. My character is basically parallel to the floor at this point. I can still use the WASD keys to move my character around, and he moves fine. However, as soon as I jump, the character enters falling state and will not exit, even when returning to the ground. At this point, the capsule component somewhat intersects into the floor, and my character is constantly executing the falling animation. Now when I try to move, he does move, but much differently than before. The character sort of slides around, accumulating acceleration and not moving normally. This continues happening until I turn the character upright again.

If anyone has any experience with making characters switch gravitational direction or walk on walls, help would be greatly appreciated.