Rotate Weapon Towards Camera

Hi Everyone!

I’m pretty new on UE4, and i’m following some guides and exploring a little with a Third Person Shooter.

I’m Having some issues with my Shooting logic, if y make a raycast from the camera, towards the center of the screen, and the i add a “SmokeTrail” particle effect from the muzzle socket of the weapon towards the HitLocation, the smoke trail its always on diagonal,
Even when using AimOffsets, the character is not able to look up and down 90°, when looking down, he never gets to -90° (I’m Using Animation Starter Pack)

Is there a way where i can correct the weapon aiming direction to face the exact center of the screen? like a Transform (Modify) Bone, or something like That?

I would appreciate any help on this.

Thanks in Advance!