Rotate Upper Body/Head with mouse

How can i make it so when the camera pitch changes so does some of the body,

for-say if i look down the arms that are in front of me go with me??

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could explain this to me, note im a beginner currently but i do know a little :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

In the animation blueprint, use “Transform(Modify) Bone” node in the Anim Graph. Specify the bone you need to rotate in it. Input the rotation values of your camera(which you can easily get from your character) in the node.



Ok this method worked almost perfectly, i had some idea on how to do this and in the end i got it to work by setting rotation space to “world space”,

Only 2 problems:

When i move my camera up it kind of lags behind although it does go up as well, is there a way to like force it to come with me and not lag behind?

If i look all the way until my camera isnt able to move anymore (which is good) and then i try to move some more the bone (spine along with its children) will keep moving even though my camera stops, how do i set it so it doesnt go past a certain point?

I cant thank you enough you’ve gotten me far!!