Rotate UMG widget. Real rotating, not just rotating the render transform.

It seems to be not possible to really rotate a UMG widget. I could rotate the render transform, but that’s not suitable for my case. Why it’s not possible to rotate the widget itself?

So I was thinking the same thing as you, but after poking around a bit it looks as though this might be actually supported:


Here I have a bunch of nested components, where the Angle rotation in the Render Transform is being applied to this CanvasPanel:


And everything appears to be completely functional. All of the child buttons properly click as you would expect, and I haven’t found a Widget that doesn’t render properly rotated in a nested fashion. That said, rotation doesn’t seem to be too friendly with come container layout Widgets, particularly the Grid, Horizontal, and Vertical ones. Those tend to be intrusive into their children’s transforms, often deleting the rotation to put them on the grid, so you will sometimes need to buffer them with additional child containers.

Also, Render Transforms in general don’t seem to be handled very well on the editor side. I’ve found that editing a rotation on a Blueprinted widget will often not propagate to other widgets that reference it, without closing and reopening the editor. At least the functionality is there though! UMG is still very new, and I hope it continues to improve.

But if you position the Canvas Panel (this with the 2 buttons) further to the left, the buttons will be visible although they are no longer in the bounds of the uppest Canvas.

Ah, you want them to clip.

Yeah, it seems to be the case that clipping rectangles are inherently axis aligned. I have the converse frustration that render transforms don’t have anchoring parameters (for when I don’t want the children to clip).

If I had a feature request for the Unreal team, it would be to unify Render Transforms and anchored transforms and add a checkbox for whether to clip children. I doubt this is an easy ask, but it would be … highly sensical.

If you move it to the right, the widget will start disappearing. Clipping works, but it takes into account the real widget, not the way it looks.
You could have only translation in the render transform and the effect would be the same.

I’ll raise you one question: is it possible to rotate a widget via blueprint? I looked into the canvas and the angle property isn’t able to be bound. Same goes for all the parameters that would control rotation for the Circular Throbber.

Does the rotation of a widget does change the axis it’s align to
Or is it possible to rotate with axis alignment instead of only render