Rotate Turret Using Mouse/Gamepad Right

Hey Guys,

I’ve tried searching the forum and I’m sorry if I missed this previously. As with everyone else, I’m new to this.

I have a character that moves with w,a,s,d and his direction faces the way hes moving. It’s using the Top-Down view, so the mouse doesn’t move the camera.

I’d like to add a static mesh that can point the direction that the mouse or gamepad right stick is moved (basically to aim). I wasn’t sure if using look at mouse location would work the same when using the gamepad right stick?

Eventually I’d like it so when I click a button it will get the direct of the static mesh, then face the character that way and preform an animation etc.

Will I have to do this through a blueprint [talking about the static mesh rotation]? As I didn’t think the camera in the Third-Person View used a blueprint and that rotates on mouse movement? I know I’d need to add axis mapping anyway via the input settings, but not sure what from there.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated :slight_smile: