Rotate Towards enemy?

How would I have my character rotate toward the nearest enemy when an attack is pressed?

Find Look At Rotation with Actor Location from Player To Enemy

How do I trigger this exactly? do I attach these to launch character?

When you press your “attack” button, get the location vector of the enemy. Then use “LookAtRotation” node to find the direction vector from your character to the enemy. Then use “RInterpTo” node to slowly rotate your character actor. In start you enter the current rotation of your character (GetActorRotation) and in target you enter the “direction” rotator you got from what I said before. Plug in deltatime and set a rotation speed. Done.

Sorry about the late response but I’m clearly doing this incorrectly. I tried to get the enemies location from the any damage event and I got an “accessed none” error. How do I reference the enemy?
I’m also trying to get the player to rotate towards an enemy when hit before using the damage animation