Rotate the scene lights

Hey there!

It’d be awesome to be able to rotate the scene lights in RC.

This will help us to see more clearly the details of the model. :slight_smile:


Thank you

Do you mean for the renderer or sweet/solid view in 3D?

Hello Julian,

thank you for your request.

This feature is already in plan but with very low priority. 

Hi Kruzma, my earlier question also to you - or would it apply to both?

Hello Gotz,

I understood it as scene lights = lights in 3D scene.

It would be probably useful in renderer too, but this isn’t in plan. If you are interested, you can create new feature request.



Hey Kruzma,

ok, thanks. Since I use an external renderer anyway, I am ok with this.


Thanks for your answer Kruzma! It makes sense :slight_smile:

Do you guys have a road map of RC available to the user btw?

A road map would be really helpful indeed!

there is nothing public of this kind