Rotate the player's camera depending of the mobile rotation

Hello there,

Maybe it is a stupid question, but anyone know if exist some way to get the rotation of the mobile? I mean get the rotation of the device and set the rotation of the player’s camera in game to the mobile rotation.

I researched in Google and the forum and I think it is not possible just with Blueprints, but I am not sure. Am I right?


Hi rabidworm333,

The point is that I don’t know if UE4 is able to get the rotation of the device through a blueprint node. I only found this link]( where the user was asking for a way to get the location of the device, but it seems that is necessary a third party API.

I just want confirm if it is correct because I researched around the blueprint nodes and the forum and I did not find anything.

Can anyone confirm me this, please?


try something like this

Hi Pabooklas,

thanks for the image reference. I tried a lot of ways by using the tilt node, like you suggest.

I could say it is already working, but with some problems. For example, the camera is aiming in one direction, but it shakes a lot. The camera also don’t get correctly the rotation values (I put the mobile on the desk but it is aiming down) I have to aim up to see what is in the horizont. I tried to print the values in the screen but, for some reason, the values always are 0… It seems it is a common problem because I found similar cases in the forum.

I read in a blog that developing a tilt system with Android’s hardware is a headache because there is a lot of them, but not with IOS devices. In home, we have some Android devices and each one of the devices show different rotations of the camera.

Anyway, I will keep trying a little more.

Thank you so much, Pabooklas!


You should post your problem on answerhub. Unfortunately my knowledge about tilt controls ends with the pic above :slight_smile: