Rotate the player with joystick?

I am making a top down game and I want to make my character turn around itself while running/walking/staying. I researched a lot and couldn’t find a valid answer. How can I rotate my player with joystick? Any help?

Are you after movement akin to a “Twin Stick Shooter”?
Have you looked into the Top Down sample provided with the engine?

Have you started by creating some “Input” in the Project Settings, then using these events in a Player Controller, before passing them down to your Pawn?

I watched the twin stick shooter tutorial. But when I apply the exact blueprint to my character, only camera rotates, not the player. What can I do?

So currently what you are rotating is the player controller. What you need to be rotating is the player pawn.

If you want to be rotating both you can rotate the controller and on the pawn you should find a tick box for “Use Controller Rotation” or something similar and that will let you do both.

If you want to just rotate the character and keep the camera in position get your “Get Controller” to get Self and than use a set rotation from that.