Rotate the object with the touch


How to rotate an object by touching the left and right direction?

UE 4.8.0:rolleyes:


please help.
Rotating like:Traffic Racer

Explain more plz. You want to rotate an object with buttons or by touching the object itself?

I dont understand what you mean by saying left and right direction.

Thank you

Yes ,
Rotate the object with the touch

please help

Hello, did you get the answer? i also want to rotate the object with the touch. If this thread solved please share it, thank :slight_smile:

please help
it is necessary.


If you are having trouble figuring out a specific way to use blueprints, you may want to post in the Blueprints section of the forums as well as post a question on AnswerHub.


please help:(

in “AnswerHub” No one help does not.!

please help.:eek:

There are no fixed approach to this, however, one of the ‘clean’ approach (that I can think of) that enable you to ‘refactoring’ is to setup a gamemode, with its own pawn (controller not necessary)

The gamemode is used in a map/level different from your actual gameplay map/level

The pawn has an ‘Arrow component’ and ‘camera component’

The ‘Arrow component’ has ‘static mesh’ as child

use touch node with touch state (x,y ~ left or right touch location, index finger 0) to come up with 2d vector, use that 2d vector to rotate the arrow component, which will rotate the ‘static mesh’ child parented onto the arrow comp

The problem is not solved:confused:
please help