Rotate the camera!

Hi everyone! I’m facing a strange issue (I don’t even know if that is the right section…):

This is my player start, in a top down game. When I hit Play, I have the character facing the direction that I choosed (the red arrow), but the camera faces another direction (the black arrow).
If I rotate the Player Start, the character will face the new direction, but the camera don’t. I’ve tried to move the camera in the character blueprint: the direction that it was facing was right, but controls were all messed up.
So… how can rotate the camera, in order to have it facing the red direction?

Click the PlayerStart in the editor, press “F” to focus it, hold “ALT+Left Click & Drag” to pan around it until you see where its little blue arrow is facing. That is the direction a player would be facing at game start. Then hit the rotate key and rotate it along the Z axis or w/e.

uhm… nope, that will just rotate the initial position of the character. I want, instead, change the initial position of the camera.

This is the situation when I hit play: The character faces che red direction (rotating the player start changes that direction), and the camera is located on the right of the character and faces the black direction.
What I want to do is locate the camera behind the character (on the green circle) and make it face the green direction.

Hey there.

how is your camera setup? Did you use the TPS template and did you modify it? This behaviour can have many reasons.
Without more information all we can do is guessing.


Hi! sorry for the delayed response.
For my camera setup I followed the Twin Stick tutorial on the UE youtube channel, so I have the character blueprint, in which the camera is attached to the character mesh with a Spring arm component.

(I really don’t know if I explained it correctly so this is the video, the camera part is at 3.15:

Hi, sorry im not that active either.
After reading your post again i think its possible that your camera/springarm is rotated by 90° to the right. Check it in the viewport. I followed this tutorial two times myself and had no problems with it.


I had no problems neither, my final result was the same as the tutorial one, I just wanted to have the camera in a different position.
Anyway, i solved the problem with a quiete drastical (but efficient) solution… I just rotated by 180 degrees the entire world