Rotate Static Mesh Component (Physics Push?)

Hello, when I spawn an asteroid (Static Mesh Component this time) I want it to rotate a little. Can anyone tell me how to do this using physics?

You can use Add Torque function. just make sure the asteroid mesh is simulating physics. You can find an example in this project: [FREE PROJECT] Physics Driven Spacecraft - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Hmm no luck, Take a look:


Did your tried something like this?

You can create a reference for it in your BP and customize from there, or customize inside your Asteroid Actor

but I Hope it helps you!

That rotates the entire belt. I’m dynamically adding static mesh components. So only a few of the roids would rotate. Unless we can add the rotating movement component to a child mesh? I don’t know.

Bingo that did it. Also: Is it possible to do this without physics? Just in case it eats performance on slower machines?

Have you tried with Accel Change enabled?

You can also do something like this with Add Relative Rotation, or create an actor BP for your asteroid and make it rotate with Rotating Movement Component as Filipe suggested, then ad that actor BP as a child actor to your asteroid BP. I dont know which would be the most performant though.

Yeah, event tick or a timer. Another option that came to mind is to Set Rotation with a Timeline.

The “Add Relative Rotation” node wouldn’t need to be fired every tick?