Rotate spring arm pitch beyond 90 and -90 degrees

it’s a common problem, I know… I’m doing (kind-of) a flight-sim type game, and the pitch limits of the Spring Arm have been confounding me for three days.

I’d like to be able to rotate the camera pitch 360 degrees (just like the yaw) so that it goes upside down. At the moment, it sticks at 90 and -90 degrees.

Following various threads here, I’ve put my spaceship’s controls into the PlayerController, added a PlayerCameraManager, then changed the ViewPitch Min & Max settings manually (Min = 0 and Max = 359.998993, again just like the default yaw settings) and in Blueprints (after a delay). Either way, the camera still hitches at 90 and -90 though.

Any thoughts? If it can’t be done in Blueprints -maybe I need C++ or a quaternion-based solution- this would be ok too!


You can fix it with quaternion rotations. Here is a link to a tutorial to show you how.