Rotate specific parts of mesh

Hey guys,

I have a question, is there any way to modify specific parts of mesh, like doors to be opened inside of UE4?

Unity already has such feature, to understand more clearly, please have a look at the video:

Thank you for any recommendation.

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Yes, of course. You either need to make sure that the door itself is a separate object and the pivot is in the right place, or you need to rig it as a skeletal mesh.

darthviper107 Thanks for the reply!

So in fact, I can export one single model with home and door, but this door will be as a separate piece, and I will be able to manage it? Or Door and house should be separate meshes?

The door needs to be a separate mesh, you can then just rotate it in your code.

Sorry, found the video is private, now it is open. What if I want to have one house and its door in one FBX file, but Door is not connected to the house mesh, it is a separate piece of mesh but in the group of the house. In unity I can import one fbx with house and door in it, and I can move separate parts of the same model

Uncheck “combine meshes” in the import dialog.

Hey scha, thank you for the tip! That`s what I was looking for! Thanks!