Rotate SpawnEmitterMeshAttachment ?

I’m trying to rotate a ParticleSystemComponent attached to a bone in a character skeletalmesh, but always the rotation is aligned with the bone rotation.

For example the last parameter, the relative rotation, do nothing with any valour:

FX = WorldInfo.MyEmitterPool.SpawnEmitterMeshAttachment(ParticleSystem’effect’, Mesh, bone, false,rotatorvar);

and doing this afther the spawn:


also nothing.

There are any way to do this? I can rotate particles but not if they are attached to a bone.

Probably your best bet would be to update the particle system component’s location and rotation in your pawn’s Tick or TickSpecial. I know that you can get a socket’s location in UnrealScript. I’m not sure about a bone. If you can’t get the bone’s location, it’s pretty easy to put a socket on your mesh.

Yes, there are a function to get the bone location that works fine, getbonelocation(bone), but I already have the bone name from the takedamage event, using tracecomponent. It’s for a blood effect. The particle is attached correctly to the bone, but it seems that the relative rotation does nothing. I will try with the component, thank you.