Rotate Socket VS Rotate attached actor VS Animating a socket

Hi All.

Wondering what is possible.
Apparently rotating a socket outside of the Skeleton is not possible.
From the mesh you can find the skeletal mesh, then find the socket for a reference, but in BP the only option with a Skeletal Mesh Socket is to Get a rotation, not Set a rotation. So essentially you can’t do the socket rotation via code in Vanilla.

Rotating an attached actor is easier, but requires casting in most cases. Making it a painful process - I suppose I could implement an interface on it and just pass the actor along with the call possibly eliminating the casting. less of a pain, but more of a pain - as in I’d actually have to think to get it to work.

Animating a socket seems like an impossibility.

You do have the option to create a socket in the FBX for a Static Mesh.
The same appears to not be true for a skeletal mesh.

So, in the end. For the small thing I need, I’m resorting to animating the weapon itself. I can’t add a bone to the skeletal mesh, or I’d add an extra bone to animate to attach the weapon to.

Looking for any/all other ideas.

Did you ever figure this out? I too thought that rotating a socket would be a good idea for my model and can’t see to figure out how to do it. I think you are correct, that it can’t be done.

How did you solve your issue?