Rotate Socket of Static Mesh at Runtime

Hi there,

i have a quick question about sockets that are part of static meshes.
My current Project is a modular Sentry Turret, which consists of 3 static meshes.

  • the Base that determines the root point and world rotation
  • some form of Hinge that is responsible for the horizontal and if this works vertical rotation
  • the turret itself

The 3 Meshes are combined by Sockets that i have added in the editor. The Hinge is rotating around the base (left and right) by setting its rotation, that works absolutely fine.
However i would like to rotate the turret (up and down) not directly, but by rotating the socket its attached to. But i can not find any node that would let me do it. I have only “get socket rotation” nodes.
Is there something like "set socket (relative) rotation, or do i have to stick with rotating the mesh directly? Thanks



Rotate socket - is a wrong way. You need rotate static mesh.

Look this tutorial about creating tank.

Alright, thanks for the clarification. If will use it that way then.