Rotate Sidescroler Player

I want to rotate the complete player(with camera) in a 3D-Sidescroler(from Left to Right to Front to Back; i mean you walk still from left to right only when you look from the front)
After hours of testing i ask you, thanks for helping.

Sorry man, it is not clear for me, couldn´t understand what you need =/

I want to make a turn of the road, and so i want the camera and the player to rotate slowly(like paper mario when you enter a house)

ok, I Think this serie (1-7) of videos will help you, you just need to adapt it:

So Please elaborate cause i may have your solution…

Character faces left to start and can move left and right and jump if needed

the camera faces the character from the side IE facing the world
and moves left and right when character moves…

SO what are you asking?

Mario 3d was based off a rotating 3d camera in a 3d world that locked to the player behind or to the door and watched you as you walked inside… something along them lines

this isnt wise to use sidescroller platform if your trying to move the camera off the Y axis… you might as well use the third person template…