Rotate scene component in actor at an offset axis

I have a question about how to rotate a scene component within an actor that is not at the origin. Picture in your mind a two door cabinet, whose doors swing open on two different sets of hinges. In the CAD model, I put together the cabinet, left door and right door with the origin at the base of the hinge on the left door. I then imported all three components into a Blueprint actor. Using videos, I was pretty quickly able to get the left door to swing correctly on it’s hinge with Set Relative Rotation. What I can not figure out (after multiple attempts) is how to get the right door (scene component, with it’s mesh) to swing on its “hinge”. I get the fact that there is an axis offset from the original origin (everything is orthogonal, so math is easy) around which I want to swing the mesh of the right door, but after trying multiple approaches, have been unable to figure out the best way using blueprint. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi man,
as you said you should export your doors correctly, with the 0,0,0 of the model where you want the hinge.
Lets say you have the doors and hinges like this $(door) (door)$ Oobviously the $ is for the place of the hinge.
You can :
export only 1 door with the origin O(Door)
And place it in the first door, and rotate then another copy of the door to place it in the other side.
Export 2 doors
One with the Origin on the left, and the other with the origin on the right.
This will make you able to place the same side of the model out.

Whatever mesh you have, even with the pivot in the wrong place.
You can place the door under a scenecomponent.
Placing the scenecomponent where you want the hinge.
Now you will be able to rotate the scenecomponent, to rotate the door.
this will force you to work on the SC instead of the door.
But will keep you from adding multiple items for just having the “pivot where you want”