Rotate Root Bone vs Set Actor Rotation

I’m not sure what to go with here, I’ve seen implementations of turn in place animation using rotate root bone, and really I don’t understand if there’s really an advantage over using that over other options such as set actor rotation or rinterp or rotate angle axis. :confused:

If you want the feet to stay stuck in place when turning, then that’s slightly easier to do if you rotate the root bone and don’t turn the actor. The draw-back is that all actor movement code now needs to understand that “actor forward” is not the same thing as “mesh forward.”

Not really, the root bone powered the rest of the character if you set up correctly to handle turn in place.

It’s basically like enabling root motion.

If you jeed to replicate over network consider the actor rotation as it likely replicates on its own.

If you do not, then rotating the root bone with the correct root motion settings will be the best option.

You can refer to the shibi turn in place countless hours of setup and useless fluff.

Good point!