Rotate Root Bone causes AimOffset to twist character?

Hello! I followed the YouTube stream here:

and have my turn in place animations working so far, however I am trying to add an AimOffset as well, however I am having an issue where the Rotate Root Bone node is causing my AimOffset to twist my character as show below:

Any ideas on why this is happening and what I can do to prevent it? As shows in the video, if I bypass the Rotate Root Bone node, the AimOffset is displayed correctly.

That’s kind of normal / if you notice your head is actually very exorcist like even in the normal version.

Try opening the skeleton, showing the retargeting options, and setting everything to Animation.

Note that if you are using marketplace animations you will very likely need to fix most of them as they often come with badly offset bones.

In a pinch, you could lift some animations off of paragon characters. Those are generally better then your run of the mill free animation content.

If that doesn’t work in correcting the twist, then something else in the chain or aim offset is causing the twist.
perhaps the bone was moved in one of the frames and it thus causes a shift onto everything that is parented to it?

It could also be related to the order of operations - the aim offset before the root rotation vs after.

Thanks for the response! I sure hope it isn’t the animations themself… .They show perfectly in the preview, and show perfectly when the Root Bone node is bypassed (at least to my eyes? not sure about the exorcist head you mentioned). I just tried doing the AimOffset before the Rotate Root Bone, and it still isn’t correct, however it is… Different… Instead of rotating kind of backwards, it rotates forward… These are animations I got from the marketplace, I bought the Basic version of the pack, then I bought the Pro version a while after from their website directly…

What do you mean by badly offset bones?

I tried setting all to Animate and it made no difference… :frowning:

If you set the basic 3red person template to animate you’ll see the shoulder drop down for instance. I don’t have a visual handy.
if you try the sample weapon stuff you’ll see the wrist shift out of place…
It’s mostly because the translation retargeting goes from being that of the skeleton to the animation, so if the animation has bad translation the result is now visually noticable.

I’m not sure what any of this means… Do you maybe have some references on this subject? This is the biggest roadblock in my project right now. I’m a bit unsure of what I am supposed to do to fix the animations I suppose?

Open up the mannequin skeleton, right click the hierarchy click show retargeting options, right click on root, click set recursively to animation.

You will see what happens immediately.

I really appreciate the input, but I tried that. I see that it messes up my animation… I need to know how to fix it… I guess I don’t understand how an animation can have ‘bad translation’ and how would I fix the translation?

Err… Nevermind… IDK what I did before when you recommended to try the AimOffset before the Rotate Root Bone, but I just tried it again and it is working… Thanks!

Scratches head

Its not necessarily you. The engine can be wierd at times.

As far as how to fix the animations, have a look at the last bone breaker tutorial here

Thanks for the info! I am currently having an issue with my stop animations feeling “laggy” due to how long they are. Thanks so much for the help!